Dear Patients/Friends of MenlynMed.

Our country has been placed in a state of emergency. But even though it may be the "worst of times" it was done to ensure the "best of times".

We wish we could provide you with correct answers to all of your questions, but just like you, we are from day-to-day being guided by key opinion leaders in the fields of medicine and community health.

These opinions, justifiably so, may and do change at short notice as more experience is gained daily about the novel Corona virus.

However, from the side of Menlynmed, we would like to keep you posted as to what we are doing to assist our patients and help to fight the virus in Pretoria, nationally, and we hope globally.

We believe that, as health care providers, we shall be afforded the opportunity and privilege to continue with our task as usual.

Although no precautions can be 100% effective, we have protocols in place to provide the best possible protection for our patients.

The current, most common accepted signs and symptoms of Covid-19 are:

• Temperature of 38°C and above

• A dry, persistent cough

• Signs of pneumonia (as evaluated by a health professional)

• Travel history to high risk areas

• Contact with confirmed Covid-19

During the last few days, more people have been infected within our borders than those having traveled.

Should these criteria apply to you, please inform our staff once you make your telephonic appointment.

All patients suspected of Covid-19 will be placed separately from other patients. Please wear a mask and adhere to the rules of personal distancing, coughing and sneezing into a handkerchief or your elbow, sanitize your hands and please refrain from unnecessary touch of humans or surfaces.

All patients visiting MenlynMed will be requested to sanitize their hands on entry.

We have also closed all the other public entrances and exits to the clinic, only making use of the main entrance for this purpose. This was done to have the best control over possible contamination by the virus.

We believe that by working together we can effectively create a barrier against the pandemic.

We thank you and wish every citizen of South Africa well and pray for a speedy recovery from and an end to Covid-19.

The MenlynMed team